Thursday, November 1, 2007

Joel Zumaya is Starcrossed

Nothing surprises me anymore

Bad news for the Tigers 2008 season, and the 2007 season has only been over for a month. Joel Zumaya is out until midseason after undergoing shoulder surgery. Now did he get this injury throwing? Nope. He got it....moving furniture. That's right. The Tigers lost their potential closer for half a year because he was moving furniture.

Here's the thing. Freak injuries happen, but they seem to happen to Joel at an alarming rate. Last year he tears a tendon in his pitching hand in what is called a very "weird" injury at the time, and now we get a furniture moving injury. I think I speak for every Tigers fan when I say this, Joel. HIRE MOVERS! Hell, I'll pitch in. I'm sure if we took up a drive among Tigers fans they'd all chip in to help you move your stuff. I understand that this was during the wildfires, and that's tragic to deal with, but if your shoulders are part of what makes you money you should probably do what's necessary to protect them instead of moving a few pieces of furniture that can likely be replaced.

The only good news in all of this is that free agency hasn't heated up yet and the Tigers have some options to go after to fill the void left by this injury. Obviously the first option is to resign Todd Jones. I didn't think this would happen going into the offseason as Jones is probably looking for a two year deal (the Tigers only want to give a one year deal more than likely) but this injury certainly helps those odds. And of course there's always one other option....

Mariano Rivera

He's on the market and said he wouldn't go back to the Yankees if Torre was gone. Well Torre's gone so maybe he'd give a long look at Detroit. Mariano's still one of the top five closers in baseball and if you can get him for a 2-3 year deal you go and do it. Best case scenario if the Tigers sign him is that when Joel comes back we can have him set up for Mariano in the ninth. How good would that be? I would love to see the Tigers make this move. I'd also love to see A-Rod at 3B and Brandon Inge playing somewhere else as well, and I'm willing to pay $8 for a Little Caesars Hot and Ready Pizza to make it happen. It'll definitely be an interesting off season, that's for sure.

Oh and Joel, take it easy during rehab okay?

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