Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drew Sharp Needs a Sense of Humor

See Drew, even this cat knows what a joke is.

After the Lions big win in Chicago, Free Press Columnist Drew Sharp had no real choice but to write a positive column about the Lions. I'm sure the idea made his skin crawl, but to give him credit, he did, but yours truly was just waiting for him to find a way to come back with something negative. It only took two days....

First let me give you some background. As most NFL fans know, Joe Cullen, a defensive coach for the Lions, was busted for pulling up to a Wendy's drive-thru naked. This lead to him seeking counsel for some personal issues. A laugh was had from around the NFL at expense of the Lions, Cullen kept his job, and that was that. At least until this week.

Oh the NERVE of Jon Kitna. I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!

Jon Kitna and his wife dressed up as Cullen and the Wendy's employee for the Lions Halloween party this week and Drew seized upon the opportunity to make a big deal out of nothing. Drew decides that apparently it's his place to speak for Cullen and his feelings. He thinks Kitna owes him an apology. Now did he talk to Joe and ask him how he felt about it? No. He just assumed.

Here's the deal. Kitna was making a joke, and since he's a, you know, MEMBER OF THE LIONS, I'm sure he knows what Cullen's thoughts are on the issue. He may have even asked him about it prior to showing up. Did you think to ask these questions of Kitna or Cullen before assuming you know all the details? No. It was just a perfect time for another shot at the Lions.

Making jokes is the way guys interact, and when someone does something embarrassing it eventually becomes fodder for these jokes. Comedy equals tragedy plus time. I just figured such an enlightened guy like Drew Sharp (remember....he knows more than all of us and the only reason people hate him is because he has the "courage" to tell it like it is) would know what a joke is.

Then again if he did, he wouldn't have anything negative to say about the Lions. Sometimes even the "great" writers have to stretch to get back to their A-Game.

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