Thursday, February 22, 2007

R.I.P. Michigan's NCAA Tournament Hopes

Courtney Sims trying to stop a return trip to the NIT...but fails

Well at least that's something off my mind. After FINALLY beating Indiana and bringing a pulse to the corpse that is the Michigan NCAA Tournament hopes, the Wolverines did what they do best on Wednesday and that's play shitty on the road. Last night's 54-42 loss to the Illini sent Michigan's tournament hopes up to heaven to party with Barbaro. Are you excited for the NIT Wolverine fans? No?

I think the worst part of all this is that Tommy Amaker will probably end up keeping his job. How is this possible? This team isn't mentally tough at all and has never shown any mental toughness in Amaker's years at the helm. To be honest the only time this team plays consistently well is in the NIT where they've won a title and made it to the championship game under Amaker. The reason for that is probably because Michigan can play at home in the first few rounds before having to go to New York for the Final Four. The Wolverines have been a good home team under Amaker but they have been HORRIBLE on the road. You know when the last road win for Michigan was this year? January 6th against Northwestern. Does this sound like a senior lead team that was supposed to be ready to turn the corner?

Generally speaking I'm not a big reactionary fan who calls for coach's heads after every loss (I still stand behind Lloyd Carr even though he makes me want to bash my head up against a table at least twice a year) but this is getting a bit ridiculous. If this were the football team they'd be burning Amaker in effigy and riding him out on a rail. Instead it looks like Tommy will stick around for another year so that his "stud" recruiting class can come in and hopefully turn things around. Personally I'm skeptical Amaker is the man to lead Michigan back to national prominence, but hopefully he proves me wrong.

For now, though, barring an improbable run through the Big Ten tournament, it looks like Michigan fans can look forward to another run in that "other" tournament in March. Has spring football practice started yet?

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MCBias said...

It's so bad, I barely remembered that Amaker was now at UM and not Seton Hall! Bad time to be a Michigan basketball fan. Too bad. Finally remembered to come and visit site.