Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rising From the Grave

Michigan's NCAA Tourney hopes attempt to rise from the grave

Just when I think I'm out they suck me back in. In my last post I put Michigan's NCAA Tournament hopes in the grave. Then the go and blow out Minnesota on the road and beat a hot Michigan State team, and somehow a slight ray of hope has come into the bleak world that is Wolverine hoops.

Granted this optimism could be crushed with a loss Saturday to Ohio State and an early exit from the Big Ten tournament, but last night's win over Michigan State achieved two things. First it kept Sparty from getting that season sweep, which always brings a smile to my face, and it gave hope to a fanbase that had pretty much lost it. Whether we're going to be rewarded with an improbable NCAA tourney bid or a swift kick to the groin remains to be seen.

Can Michigan pull off the miracle Saturday against Ohio State? Sure they could. They are playing at home where they've only lost twice all season. Ohio State hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire either, and following that emotion of last weekend's game with Wisconsin, they could be looking past Michigan and towards the Big Ten tournament. If everything falls into place (which is very iffy with an Amaker coached Michigan team) the Maize and Blue could finally get a signature win that could help propel them back into the NCAA tourney for the first time since 1998.

Personally I feel like this team is rearing back the leg to give me a nice swift kick to groin on Saturday, but then again I've watched this team for the past few years and they usually don't put on their best effort until they are in the NIT. Hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised and celebrating a HUGE victory Saturday night. We shall see....

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