Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Michigan's Going to Make it Rain (Threes that is..)

Welcome to Ann Arbor John! Now get us to the NCAA's

According to reports from pretty much every media outlet, Michigan has found the man who will replace the void left by the departure of Tommy Amaker's mock turtlenecks. That man is West Virginia's John Beilein.

I personally like this hire, as Beilein has proven himself to be the Anti-Amaker in that he takes players with less talent and actually makes them good, instead of taking players with talent and making them worse. If you enjoy three pointers (and who doesn't?) get ready because Beilein coached teams go crazy from three. West Virginia was second in the NCAA this season averaging 10.3 three pointers a game (those are three pointers made, not shot). He also runs a wacky 1-3-1 defense that should change things up a bit, and has lead his teams consistently to the NCAA Tournament.

Hopefully all the top recruits stick around to play for Beilein, but all that remains to be seen. I can say that for the first time in a long time I'm excited to see some Michigan basketball, as I think this team will be a lot more fun to watch with a good coach.

So welcome to Ann Arbor Coach Beilein, and GO BLUE!

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