Monday, April 2, 2007

Opening Day Live Blog: Blue Jays vs. Tigers Innings 4-6

Let's get some runs!!!!!


2:11 PM - Zaun with a soft shot to Guillen for the first out of the inning. Bonderman looking MUCH better.

2:12 PM - Lazy pop up to Inge and that's two quick outs.

2:14 PM - Clayton grounds out to Guillen, and that's six straight outs for Bonderman. I'm liking what I'm seeing....3-1 Jays after 3 1/2


2:17 PM - Pudge leads off with a ground out to third. That was a quick first out.

2:18 PM - Casey lines out to second, and we already are up to two outs for Craig Monroe.

2:19 PM - Monroe strikes out swinging for the second time. Good start, Craig. Inning over 1-2-3. 3-1 Jays after four.


2:21 PM - Having not seen local Detroit programming in awhile, I forgot how stupid Little Ceasars commercials are. UGH!!

2:22 PM - Johnson flys out for the seventh straight Blue Jay out. Bonderman is finally getting things together.

2:23 PM - Overbay flys out to left. Monroe catches it despite "fighting the wind." Two outs. Allen then decides it's time to talk about his new plasma TV. I don't care asshole.

2:24 PM - Wells strikes out and that's nine straight outs for Bonderman. 3-1 Jays after 4 1/2.


2:28 PM - Inge draws a walk. Wait...what? Really? Huh.

2:29 PM - HERE WE GO! Granderson hits a nice double to right center. Runners on second and third with no outs! RALLY TIME!

2:32 PM - Polanco with an RBI single to left. Inge scores and Curtis moves to third. 3-2 Jays, and here comes Sheff....

2:34 PM - Hill makes a great play to run down a foul ball, but Granderson scores with some nice baserunning. It's all tied up with one out!

2:36 PM - Mags with a fly out to shallow left field. Two outs with Polanco still on first.

2:37 PM - Guillen with a can of corn to left to end thing inning. 3-3 after five.


2:41 PM - Thomas leads off with a single to left. That breaks the streak of nine straight outs for the Blue Jays.

2:42 PM - Leyland is coming out to talk to Bonderman. Zumaya is warming up his flame thrower in the bullpen. This will probably be Bonderman's last inning....

2:43 PM - Monroe pulls back a home run from Glaus. Phew! One LONG out.....

2:45 PM - Wild pitch moves Thomas up to second. Hopefully that doesn't come back to hurt them.

2:46 PM - Rios goes down swinging for big out. Thomas on second but there are now two outs.

2:46 PM - Zaun grounds out to Casey at first. Inning over. 3-3 after 6 1/2


2:48 PM - Some lady has a sign that says she loves Mario Impemba and Rod Allen. She needs to be made sterile for the good of mankind. She should not be allowed to pass on that DNA.

2:50 PM - Pudge strikes out looking on three pitches. He's not looking good today.

2:51 PM - Casey flys out to left. If it was more of a line drive it's probably a double, instead it's an easy second out.

2:53 PM - Monroe swings at ball four for his third strike out of the day. He also lost his bat and threw it about a mile. Nice to see something leaving the plate with Craig up today. 3-3 after six.

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