Monday, April 2, 2007

Opening Day Live Blog: Blue Jays vs. Tigers Extra Innings

Let's get some runs!!!!! (It worked last time...)


3:51 PM - Fernando Rodney in to pitch. Guillen moves to first and Perez moves to short. Can't wait to see Neifi get an at-bat and ground out to second. LOVE IT!

3:54 PM - Rodney fields a ball and makes a GREAT throw to first. WHERE WAS THIS IN THE WORLD SERIES?!?!?! One down....

3:56 PM - Overbay gets a bloop single to center after he clearly went around on strike three but the blind umpire didn't see that. Umpires already screwing the Tigers.....

3:58 PM - Impemba and Allen talk about Rod's new TV again. I'm already starting to smash my head againts my desk....

4:00 PM - Mario decides to jinx the Tigers by saying the fans are sticking around to, "See a Tigers win." I expect Wells to homer on the next pitch...

4:01 PM - Wells draws the walk and now the go ahead run is in scoring position with one out as Frank Thomas walks to the plate.

4:02 PM - Thomas breaks a bat on a foul ball and then spends an insane amount of time looking for a new bat in the clubhouse. CHECK FOR CORK!!!

4:04 PM - Right after an 0-2 pitch is called a ball even though it looked like a strike, Rodney hits Thomas to load the bases. I'm blaming Mario Impemba if we lose this. Damn jinx.

4:06 PM - Glaus hits an 0-2 pitch to left for an RBI. 4-3 Jays with the bases still loaded and one out.

4:08 PM - Rios knocks in another run on a grounder to third. Inge only had a play at first. 5-3 Jays with two outs and runners on second and third.

4:10 PM - Zaun strikes out swinging to end the inning, but the damage has been done. 5-3 Jays with the top of the Tigers order coming up in the 10th.....


4:14 PM - BJ Ryan in to try and close it out. Granderson helps the cause by striking out swinging. Tigers down to their last two outs....

4:16 PM - Polanco gets his third hit of the game, which comes in the form of a single to shallow right center field. It's not over yet folks.

4:17 PM - So the same ump who screwed us on the Reed Johnson check swing screws us again and says Sheff went around on a similar looking swing. Two outs with Mags coming up.

4:19 PM - Mags draws the walk, so runners on second and first with Guillen representing the winning run at the plate. Nice to see these games are already stressful and it's April 2nd.

4:20 PM- Well that was fun. Guillen pops out on the first pitch. 5-3 Blue Jays the final. Rodney takes the loss, and Mario Impemba draws my damnation after jinxing the Tigers. They played pretty well over all, just the little breaks didn't go their way. Hopefully Wednesday is a bounce back game. GO TIGERS!

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