Monday, April 2, 2007

Opening Day Live Blog: Blue Jays vs. Tigers Innings 1-3

Jeremy Bonderman is ready to get it started...


12:49 PM - Funny thing during player introductions. Everybody got a great cheer from the crowd, except Neifi Perez who got a nice round of boos. I love Detroit fans. Just awesome.

12:56 PM - They just showed an interview with starting pitcher Jeremy Bonderman. He is a great young pitcher, but he has zero personality.

1:00 PM - FSN leads off the broadcast with some Green Day. Standard fare from FSN Detroit. I still hate Mario Impemba.

1:05 PM - First pitch....ball. Starting pitcher Jeremy Bonderman. Another hard throwing pitcher from the Tigers. Hopefully his change up is ready to go.

1:06 PM - Not a good start. Bonderman walks Johnson. Way to kick things off.

1:08 PM - Johnson steals second, and now the Jays have a runner in scoring position for Overbay. 1-2 count.

1:09 PM - Overbay hits a LONG double over Craig Monroe. Johnson scores, 1-0 Blue Jays.

1:11 PM - Wells gets a single up the middle. Overbay scores and it's 2-0 Blue Jays already. Bonderman seems to have some jitters.

1:13 PM - Finally, Bonderman gets the first out, as he gets Thomas to fly out to Polanco in shalloow right. About time.

1:14 PM - Wells steals second, which makes that two steals in the inning. Pudge looks a bit rusty on his throws. He should have had Wells.

1:15 PM - Glaus hits an infield fly to Polanco. Two down.

1:16 PM - Rios hits a routine fly to left, but it drops in between Monroe and Guillen. Rod Allen blames the wind, but that's because he's an idiot. 3-0 Blue Jays.

1:17 PM - Good lord. Zaun hits a grounder to Casey who bobbles it before getting the third out. Tigers looking very sloppy today. 3-0 Jays after the first half of the first.


1:19 PM - Roy Halladay starting for the Jays. Already has a three run cushion which is not good.

1:21 PM - Granderson gets things going, with a 0-2 single to left. Nice to see him avoid the K there.

1:23 PM - Polanco hits a chopper back to Halladay. Moves Granderson to second, but that's the first out of the inning.

1:25 PM - Sheffield breaks his bat on a shot to third. Easy play for Glaus. Two outs.

1:26 PM - Mags breaks his beat on foul ball. Halladay is throwing pretty hard right now, but is already up to 18 pitches.

1:27 PM - Mags grounds out to short on a nice play by Royce Clayton. 3-0 Jays after the first.


1:31 PM - Bonderman gets Hill to fly out to center. His control is all over the place though. Not sharp at all today.

1:32 PM - Clayton gets a single to right on a fastball that Bonderman left up in the zone. Shouldn't be giving away those pitches when you're ahead in the count.

1:36 PM - Johnson hits a foul ball pop up that Pudge gets easily. Could have doubled off Clayton at first, but Pudge had his back turned and didn't see it. Two outs.

1:38 PM - Overbay draws a walk, and Jeremy just doesn't look comfortable. Pitching Coach Chuck Hernandez comes out for a chat. Perhaps he could suggest Jeremy to throw strikes maybe?

1:40 PM - First pitch after the mound visit? An inside pitch that almost hits Vernon Wells in the face. Nice.

1:41 PM - Wells flys out to Mags in right to end the inning. 3-0 Jays after 1 1/2.


1:43 PM - John Keating does an interview with Sheffield's wife. She seems happy to be in Detroit. Or so she says.

1:44 PM - Guillen leads off the inning with a routine grounder to short. One out.

1:45 PM - Keating ends his Mrs. Sheffield interview by plugging her music website. Impemba and Allen then wax poetic on how great of a singer she is. Nice in-game commercial.

1:45 PM - Pudge flys out to center. Two outs. He broke his bat, which makes three for the game for the Tigers. Maybe we should stop getting the cheap bats.

1:46 PM - Casey with a nice single to left. It's going to be great to have him for a full season. Two strike hits like that are great.

1:48 PM - Monroe is looking in mid-season form already as he strikes out swinging. Inning over. 3-0 Jays after two.


1:52 PM - Bonderman gets Thomas swinging for his first strikeout of the season. In a developing story his pitch count is really high. We coud be seeing the bullpen early in this one.

1:53 PM - Glaus hits a pop up to shallow center, Granderson has no problem getting to it for the second out of the inning.

1:54 PM - Rios flys out to Monroe in left to end the inning. Bonderman sits them down in order and seems to be getting his control issues worked out. 3-0 Jays after 2 1/2.


1:56 PM - So this inning Keating is talking to Kirk Maltby. Why? Also why are they doing this during the Tigers half of the inning? This all doesn't make much sense.

1:57 PM - Inge hits a shot to second, which is bobbled and he beats out the throw at first. Mark that down as an error folks, but I'll take it.

1:58 PM - Granderson hits a 2DP ball up the middle, but Inge was running on the pitch so they only get Curtis at first. One out.

2:00 PM - Polanco hits a line drive to right for a single. Inge holds up a third though and we have the makings of a rally with Sheff coming up.

2:01 PM - Sheffield hits a shot to left, but right at the left fielder. Inge does score on the sacrifice though. Two outs...3-1 Jays.

2:04 PM - Mags takes a 3-2 pitch to left for a single. Runners on first and second for Guillen. LET'S KEEP IT GOING!

2:08 PM - Carlos hits a LONG out to right to end the rally. End of three Tigers down 3-1.

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