Monday, April 2, 2007

Opening Day Live Blog: Blue Jays vs. Tigers Innings 7-9

He's good with the glove today...not so much with the bat


2:55 PM - Joel Zumaya checks in and immediately gets Hill to fly out to right. Only 93 MPH on that one. Must have been a change up....One out.

2:58 PM - Clayton draws a walk after working the count to 3-2. Zumaya got behind 3-0 in this matchup, so he at least fought back.

3:00 PM - Johnson takes one DEEP to the warning track, but Monroe makes another great leaping catch out in left. Looks like my picture was prophetic. Two outs, with Clayton still on first. Nice play, Craig. Way to make up for the strike outs.

3:02 PM - Overbay with a shot up the middle but Guillen makes a nice play on it and that's the end of the inning. No triple digits for Zumaya, but a zero in the run column is just as nice. 3-3 after 6 1/2.


3:05 PM - Couple of guys with Chef hats on are holding up a sign that says "SHEFF'S CHEF'S." Why the apostrophe on Chefs guys? Thanks for showing off Detroit's intelligence.

3:07 PM - Inge with a ground out to third off Blue Jay reliver Janssen. One down.

3:08 PM - Granderson with a soft shot to Clayton. Two quick outs.

3:09 PM - Polanco grounds out to third to end the 1-2-3 inning. 3-3 after seven.


3:10 PM - Bad news for Charter Cable viewers in Southeast Michigan. Apparently they may be getting rid of Versus, just in time fo Detroit fans to miss the NHL playoffs. Great move Charter, I would expect a lot of angry phone calls from people with quasi-Canadian accents, eh.

3:13 PM - Zumaya starts his second inning of work by getting Wells to ground out to short. His changeup is NASTY. Joel is the balls. One out.

3:15 PM - Thomas stikes out swinging and throws the bat into the front row. Nice catch by the fan though. Apparently Thomas is being a prick and is asking for it back. You throw it into the stands it belongs to us Frank. This is DETROIT! YOU WATCH YOURSELF! WE'RE CRAZY!

3:17 PM - Zumaya walks Glaus on a pitch that is JUST outside. Two outs, one man on.

3:18 PM - It's okay though because Rios grounds out to end the inning. 3-3 after 7 1/2


3:18 PM - Sheff is leading off the eighth and already has two RBI's on the day. Is it too much to ask for a home run here?

3:20 PM - Sheffield with a nice drive to left center, but Wells is able to run it down for the first out of the inning.

3:21 PM - Todd Jones warming up in the Tigers pen. For the good of my heart can we score a run now! Jones in a tie game is SCARY!

3:22 PM - Mags records the second out of the inning on an infield grounder. Not looking good for the Tigers this inning.

3:23 PM - Guillen ends the inning with a fly out to center. 3-3 after eight and here comes Todd Jones....


3:26 PM - Well that's a good start. Jones gets Zaun to fly out to Guillen and that's one down.

3:29 PM - Hill gets a walk (stunner) and that brings up "former Tiger" Matt Stairs who played about ten games for us last year.

3:30 PM - WOOOOOO!!!! Jones gets Stairs to ground into a 6-3 double play and that's the end of the inning. 3-3 after 8 1/2. Walk off home run perhaps?


3:34 PM - Fernando Rodney warming up for the Tigers. Probably means if this goes extra we won't see any more of Jones. My heart thanks Jim Leyland in advance.

3:35 PM - Pudge strikes out swining on a fast ball right down the center of the plate. Hopefully he shakes off this bad day on Wednesday. One out.

3:36 PM - Janssen gets the hook, which could be a good thing as he's retired all seven Tigers he's faced. Hopefully this leads to good things.

3:42 PM - Scott Downs checks in and walks Sean Casey. Waste of space Neifi Perez comes in to pinch run for Casey. Gibbons is channeling Tony LaRussa and pulls Downs for another situational reliever. FUN!

3:43 PM - They show Mr. Ilitch up in his owner's box. Is it just me or has he had some work done on his face recently? He looks less ghoul-like. Nate Robertson has the gum going in the dugout too. Just so you know.

3:47 PM - Jason Frasor comes through the Blue Jays revolving pitching door, and strikes out Monroe swinging. If you're scoring at home that's four K's on the day for C-Mo. Fantastic start.

3:48 PM - Noted moron Neifi Perez almost gets picked off first after messing up a steal attempt. He's alread in mid-season form. UGH!!!

3:49 PM - Inge with a broken bat grounder to third to end the inning. And we're going to extras all tied up at 3.

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