Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MLB Live Blog: Tigers vs. Nationals Innings 1-3

Sorry Washington...our logo is much cooler. Plus our team isn't shitty...


7:12 - Okay so I'm a little late, but I'm just in time as Maggs just doubled in Granderson. Rod Allen just said, "Here they come." Thanks Rod. Runners on second and third with one out.

7:14 - Guillen gets Sheff home on a ground out to SS. 2-0 Tigers with Sean Casey coming up.

7:15 - Casey hits a double down the left field line, and Maggs scores. Watching Sean run gives new definition to the word "rumbling around the basepaths." 3-0 Tigers.

7:18 - Inge has got a 2-2 count on him now. I get the feeling we're going to see a swinging strikeout.

7:20 - After a wild pitch, Casey moves over to third. All Inge needs to do is get a hit and they have a four run lead....and he...walks? Really? Wow.

7:21 - Rabelo is hitting ahead of Durbin, so I'm guessing he's not going to see many strikes.

7:23 - Rabelo grounds out to 2B to end the inning. Good start for the Tigers, but with this bullpen it's needed.


7:25 - And here we go with what could be Chad Durbin's last start. Hopefully he'll go out with a win because losing to the Nationals would pretty much suck.

7:27 - Guzman hits what probably should have been a bloop single to right but Guillen ran that ball down. Pretty good for a guy who's hamstring is only 75%* (that figure provided by Rod Allen so take it as you will)

7:28 - Lopez tries to bunt for a hit, but Durbin was ALL OVER THAT SHIT! You can't fool Chad Durbin, Washington! Two outs.

7:29 - Zimmerman finishes off the inning with a lazy fly to center. Nice start for Durbin, 1-2-3...

7:30 - Am I the only one annoyed as hell by the Comcast lady who talks to me like I'm stupid while trying to explain to me that Michigan weather is shitty? REALLY?!? MICHIGAN WEATHER IS SHITTY? NO! This is all news to me! Comcast can go to hell.


7:31 - Durbin leads off the inning which means you can probably pencil in an out...and just like that a grounder to short gives the Tigers one quick out.

7:32 - Granderson hits a short fly to right for the second out of the inning. Thus far the Tigers have seen 4 pitches this inning.

7:33 - Polanco grounds out to short on the third pitch he faced. Inning over. I'm guessing Leyland isn't happy that it only took 7 pitches to get through the inning.


7:35 - Dmitri Young leads off the 2nd. Nothing made me happier than seeing that asshole strike out last night when he had a chance to tie the game with a hit.

7:36 - Dmitri drives a double down the line in left. Rod says that it's just a matter of time before DY gets traded to a better team. Hopefully it's far away from Detroit.

7:37 - Kearns grounds out for the first out of the inning and since it was to short Dmitri had to stay at second.

7:38 - Church needs to get some more pine tar on his bat as he just threw the bat all the way down the first base line. That security guard was basically hiding for his life from that thing.

7:39 - Rod Allen uses the word "swagger." I'm so sick of this stinking word. Every damn announcer throws it around all the time since it's one of those snazzy buzzwords. Can we all get together and come up with a new word please?

7:41 - Church swings and misses badly at what would have been ball four. He looks pretty pist. Two outs and a man on second for the Nats.

7:43 - Schneider grounds out to first to end the inning. Durbin has looked pretty sharp thus far. He looks like a guy who wants to keep his spot in the rotation....then again this is against the Nats.


7:46 - Sheffield (my Tiger) leads off, and I could hear a heckler yelling at him to "Stop swinging his bat." Um, I don't know if I would taunt Gary Sheffield....he's a scary dude.

7:47 - Sheff hits a nice single down the line in right. He's just a complete bad ass.

7:51 - Maggs gets a broken bat single to right. Sheff was running on the play and is able to get to third. Runners on the corners with no outs. I'm liking this inning thus far.

7:52 - Guillen puts the first pitch into center field, knocking in Sheff and making it 4-0 Tigers. First and second with no one out for Sean Casey.

7:53 - FINALLY! SEAN CASEY WITH A THREE-RUN HR TO RIGHT! Who would have thought that his first home run would be in the worst hitter's park they've played in? Go figure. 7-0 Tigers

7:55 - Brandon Inge does what he does best...and that's strike out swinging at a ball in the dirt, and there's your first out of the inning.

7:56 - After last night, am I the only one who doesn't feel fully comfortable with this lead? I mean it is the Nationals and all so the odds of them doing what they did last night again is questionable, but still. Rabelo grounds out for the second out of the inning.

7:58 - Durbin grounds to 3B to end the inning. Another nice inning for the Tigers. Let's keep it up!


8:01 - Langerhans hits a pop up to 3B for the first out of the inning. BTW, there are tens of people in Washington to see this...looks like moving from Montreal is really paying off....

8:03 - Durbin gets Simontacchi looking for his second strikeout of the game. It was a nice 2-2 pitch, but a normal hitter probably wouldn't have been fooled as badly as Simontacchi was on that pitch.

8:04 - Guzman gets hit with a pitch. DAMNIT! If they were going to hit someone they should have waited for Dmitri Young!

8:05 - Lopez swings and misses at a pitch in the dirt for Durbin's third strikeout and that ends the inning. Durbin still looking sharp having only given up one hit through three.

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