Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MLB Live Blog: Tigers vs. Nationals Innings 7-9


9:05 - In case you were wondering the Phillies are up 4-3 on the Indians in the top of the 7th...just thought I'd pass that along....

9:06 - Rod Allen gives the Indians update just after I posted it. STAY OUT OF MY HEAD ROD!

9:07 - Rabelo gets hit by a pitch and jogs to first. Durbin is coming up again so I guess that means Leyland isn't going to the bullpen next inning.

9:08 - Durbin flies out to shallow right for the first out of the inning.

9:10 - Granderson goes down swinging at a pitch in the dirt. Two outs. Phillies have the bases loaded in Cleveland with no outs....

9:11 - Placido gets a line drive single to right. Runners on first and second for Sheff.....

9:12 - Chase Utley knocked in two runs and the Phils now lead 6-3 going into the bottom of the seventh. Could be a tie for first before this night is over.

9:14 - Sheff takes a 3-2 pitch and walks to load up the bases for Craig Monroe and his shiny new shoes.

9:15 - C-Mo grounds out to short to end the inning and leave them loaded. Ledezma was warming up in the bullpen last inning, we'll see if he comes in for the 7th.


9:16 - So watching the Nationals I'm starting to feel bad for their fans. They remind me a lot of the 2003 Tigers (and they even have Dmitri Young and Rob Fick) and I can feel their pain. It's so nice to have a really good baseball team. Just thought I'd mention.

9:18 - Wilfredo comes in and it just shows you how much of a beat down the Tigers are giving the Nats when they had Durbin bat last inning even though he was getting the hook. Good night for Durbin. Six solid innings and he only gave up one run. I would say I hope he stays in the rotation, but I think he'd be better out of the pen than Mike Maroth would be and I think fixing the bullpen is a bigger priority right now...so see you in middle relief Chad!

9:21 - Schneider strikes out swinging and immediately yells "FUCK!" so loud that you could hear it on the game microphones. Fantastic. Just a great season going in Washington.

9:23 - Langerhans strikes out and that's two in a row for Lidezma. Nice way to start things out.

9:24 - Nook Logan comes off the bench to pinch hit for the pitcher, although I think the pitcher would probably have better odds of getting a hit. Anybody remember when people thought he may be as good as Granderson? Thank God one of those people wasn't Dave Dombroski.

9:25 - Nook goes down looking and Lidezma strikes out the side. I know...I can't believe it either...


9:26 - Score update from the Jake....6-3 Phils in the top of the 8th.

9:28 - Neifi leads off the inning. Can he make it TWO hits in a row?!?! (I know...crazy talk)

9:30 - Wow...I have to feel for Neifi. He just got hosed on a call at first. He was easily safe for an infield hit and the ump just missed it.

9:31 - Casey flies out to right for the out, but he hit a home run tonight so that is forgiven. Two outs.

9:32 - Inge gets a single to left center field and that brings up Rabelo who is the only non-pitcher without a hit tonight.

9:32 - They show Lidezma in the batter's box warming up and he looks so terrible that Kenny Rogers is just laughing at him. Hilarious. I hope Rabelo gets on so Wilfredo has to bat.

9:34 - Rabelo hits a beautiful RBI double to the gap in left center field. 13-1 Tigers and Wilfredo will hit with a runner in scoring position.

9:35 - Ledezma looked like he was standing about five miles off the plate and then hits the first pitch to short to end the inning. That was about as funny as Ithought it would be.


9:37 - INDIANS UPDATE: 6-3 Phillies in the bottom of the 8th.

9:38 - Guzman leads off with a single to left, and that ends Ledezma's strikeout streak at 3.

9:40 - Lopez hits a double play ball to short, but Neifi boots it. The only thing you've got going for you is your defense Neifi...don't go screwing that up too.

9:41 - Belliard pinch hits for Zimmerman and hits it right to Neifi who screws up again by not throwing to first to double off Lopez who strayed a bit too far from the bag. One out and two on for Dmitri.

9:42 - INDIANS UPDATE: The Tribe has the bases loaded with two outs in the 8th

9:44 - They get the second out on a fielder's choice. Runners on the corners and two outs.

9:45 - INDIANS UPDATE: It's now 6-5 Phillies and the Indians have the tying run on third with two outs in the 8th....and Jose Mesa's coming in...uh oh

9:46 - Ledezma walks the bases loaded with two outs, though at this point I think most Tigers fans are watching the Cleveland score more than the score of this game.

9:47 - Church grounds out to Ledezma to end the inning with the bases loaded. One inning to go....


9:48 - INDIANS UPDATE: Mesa gets Casey Blake to ground out to end the 8th (I'm just as surprised as you are). 6-5 Phils going into the 9th.

9:51 - Granderson hits a fly ball to deep right, but Kearns is able to run it down for the first out. We are then treated to the comic stylings of Mario and Rod as they show a replay of the President race. These blow outs always give Mario a chance to work on his standup. I think he may get a false sense of how funny he is because Rod laughs at everything.

9:53 - Polanco walks, and that will bring up Marcus Thames who is pinch hitting for Sheff. They just showed Guillen's and Thames home runs from last night...both were monsters....

9:54 - And just like that Thames hits the first pitch WAY up to the upper deck for a two run home run. Good lord he hit the shit out of that. Um...maybe we should play him a bit more....wow.....15-1 Tigers

9:56 - Monroe becomes the second out as he pops up to 1B in foul ground....and here comes Neifi! WOOOOO!!!

9:57 - Rod Allen makes a comment that the crowd is quiet (which is rather astute considering there are about 10 people in the stands), and then he and Mario debate on how to pronounce De La Cruz's first name. Such hi-jinks and hilarity from these two.

10:00 - Neifi draws the walk. Not a bad night for him actually. Too bad it's against the Nationals.

10:01 - INDIANS UPDATE: Ryan Howard knocks in two runs with a double and the Phils now lead 8-5 in the 9th

10:02 - Casey flies out to left to end the inning and it looks like De La Cruz will get some work in the ninth to try and finish this off...


10:04 - INDIANS UPDATE: 9-5 Phils after another RBI double. Hopefully the bullpen can hold the lead.

10:05 - Schneider grounds out to 2B for the first out of the inning.

10:07 - De La Cruz gets Langerhans swinging and I'm starting to like this kid. He has a high 90's fastball and seems to locate it well. Hopefully he keeps this up against a good team.

10:08 - Flores strikes out looking and that's that. De La Cruz sits them down in order and the Tigers win it 15-1

INDIANS UPDATE: 9-5 Phillies going into the bottom of the 9th. If anything changes during my post-mortum I will pass that along.

Well if you look up the word "ass-beating" in the dictionary you'd see a picture from this game. The pitching was lights out, and they crushed the ball all night, topped off by that monster home run by Thames. Just an all around great game by the Tigers. This is what good teams do to terrible teams, beat the living crap out of them. The Tigers look for the sweep tomorrow and I like their odds with Jeremy Bonderman on the hill. Also have to say I'm liking this De La Cruz kid. Thus far he's pitched two innings and only given up one hit. Very good stuff so far. Hopefully Antonio Alfonseca and his six fingers will close out the game for the Phils and we'll be in a first place tie going into tomorrow....GO TIGERS!

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