Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Tigers' Bullpen is Trying to Kill Me

This man could be the end of me....

I said I would touch upon this issue today so here goes...I think the Tigers bullpen is trying to kill me. That's the only real way to put it. Either that or they are trying to make me pull out all my hair from it's roots. Their performance as of late has me worried about every game, no matter what the score is.

Case in point, on Sunday the Tigers were up 10-3 on the Mets and I was still worried about holding onto that lead. SEVEN RUNS, and I was actually worried! Much to my non-surprise, the Mets cut the lead to four and that's when that sense of dread spilled over, at least until the Tigers scored more runs to put a good distance between them. The Tigers ended up winning, but the point is I shouldn't be worried about a game when they build a seven run lead. I should be excited about the Tigers pounding another opponent, but instead I'm nervous that our bullpen is going to cough it up. The sad thing is that Todd Jones of all people has really been the only solid pitcher in the pen the last few weeks. Everyone else seems to be a three-run homerun waiting to happen. I honestly didn't think losing Zumaya would be THIS bad, but damn.

The only solution is to trade a guy like Mike Maroth and get a decent relief pitcher in return. Hopefully this can be a pitcher that fills Zumaya's role for the timebeing as the guy you can go to for the 7th and 8th innings before handing the ball over to Jones in the 9th and praying. I know this, they need to make a move at some point because if this bullpen stays like this in October I may end up having a heart attack.

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