Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MLB Live Blog: Tigers vs. Nationals Innings 4-6


8:08 - Granderson leads off with a double to DEEP center. If this stadium wasn't so damn huge that would have been a home run. Tigers are hitting the hell out of the ball tonight.

8:10 - Polanco hits a single to center, and Granderson scores. Langerhans decides (for reasons beyond my comprehension) to try and throw Curtis out at home, but is no where close. That throw allows Placido to get to second for a double. 8-0 Tigers, and here comes Sheff.

8:12 - Sheff hits a single to center just under the glove of Guzman. Polanco moves to third and Simontacchi is getting the hook, and that brings in Random Shitty Nats Reliever #36 (tm)...I'm sure he'll do well.

8:18 - The blogger hamster just died on the wheel and lost my last couple posts...but Maggs singled to left, driving in Polanco and it's 9-0 Tigers with runners on first and second and no outs.

8:19 - Guillen grounds out, but moves the runners to second and third with one out.

8:21 - They "intentionally" walk Sean Casey (meaning they didn't actually intentionally walk him but they didn't give him a good pitch either) and that loads up the bases for Inge.

8:23 - Inge hits a double to the gap in right center field and that clears the bases...12-0 TIGERS! What a beat down. They just showed a replay and Austin Kearns almost fell on his ass on the warning track trying to run down that ball. That would have been HILARIOUS!

8:24 - Rod Allen says this and it makes me laugh and get angry at the same time..."This Tigers offense is sick. And I mean the good kind." I don't even have the words folks

8:25 - Rabelo strikes out looking and we've got two outs...but does it really matter at this point?

8:26 - Durbin grounds out to the pitcher to end the inning. The Tigers bat around and at this rate we could be seeing a 20 spot on the board before it's all said and done....


8:27 - They just showed a commercial for the MLB All Star game that featured a bunch of probable all stars riding on a cable car since it's in San Francisco. The only one out of place was Barry Zito, who will probably have to buy a ticket to go to the All Star Game like the rest of us.

8:28 - Since the Tigers are kicking the Nationals ass, Leyland has decided to give Guillen the rest of the night off, which means my least favorite Tiger, Neifi Perez, gets half a game's worth of work....ugh....

8:29 - Zimmerman hits a pop up to 3B for the first out of the inning, and Dmitri is up now looking for his second hit of the game.

8:30 - No such luck for Dmitri who flies out to Sheff in left. Two outs.

8:31 - Kearns grounds out to 3B to end the inning. Durbin has only allowed two base runners through four innings and one of them was hit by a pitch.


8:32 - Whoever is behind those horrible Little Ceasar's commercials needs to be dragged out into the street and beaten to a pulp. THEY ARE TERRIBLE!

8:34 - Granderson grounds out to 1B for the first out of the inning. Can't get a hit every time.

8:35 - Polanco grounds out to 1B as well and we've got two quick outs....FSN shows the President race that happens every night in Washington. I'm sure the founding fathers are really happy that this is how they are being remembered.

8:37 - Sheff grounds out to short to end the inning. 1-2-3 inning for the Tigers, but when you are up 12-0 that's okay.


8:39 - Church with a DEEP fly ball to right....but it just ends up being a long out.

8:40 - Schneider gets on with an infield hit. Polanco dove for it but was only able to knock it down. Polanco grimmaced as he got up. I'm hoping he was just mad that he didn't get to it, and not injured or anything.

8:42 - Langerhans hits a single right back up the middle that almost took the head off Durbin. Runners on first and second with one out.

8:43 - Batista pinch hits for the pitcher to keep the Nats rally going...and strikes out swinging. Way to be Tony! Two outs.

8:45 - Guzman drops a single that Granderson just couldn't get to, and there goes the shut out. 12-1 and runners on first and second for Lopez.....

8:46 - ....who grounds out to short to end the inning. Everyone get excited NEIFI IS COMING UP NEXT INNING!


8:48 - Billy Traber is in to pitch for the Nats. That's probably only a big deal if you have him on your fantasy team or something. Also Monroe is now hitting for Maggs. They show Monroe's shoes and they say "C-MO" in gold lettering on the tongue. Um...I don't even know what to say.

8:51 - Monroe flies out to center. Now he can go back and shine up his new shoes in the dugout....and HERE COMES NEIFI! Midaswell put that second out on the board right now.

8:52 - Well look at that. Neifi puts the first pitch into the gap in left center for a double. I guess a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile.

8:53 - Casey flies out to right for the second out of the inning. Neifi stays at second, but then you already knew that.

8:56 - Inge grounds out to 3B to end the inning just after FSN showed a graphic that showed him in third place in the All Star 3B voting behind A-Rod and Lowell. The fact that Inge has 375,000 votes shows why fans shouldn't be allowed to vote for this stuff. How can you vote for Inge over A-Rod? Seriously people get your head out of your ass. You may not like the Yankees or A-Rod, but you should vote for the players having the best year....that's what an "All Star" game is all about.


9:00 - Zimmerman goes down looking and that's one down for the Nats. Durbin is throwing the ball really well tonight.

9:01 - Dmitri hits a ground rule double to right center. Good for you Dmitri...too bad your back on a shitty team. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

9:02 - Kearns his a pop up to Polanco in shallow right. Two outs and Dmitri standing on second.

9:03 - Church ends the inning with a long fly out to Monroe in left. Inning over. That's now officially a quality start for Durbin. Three innings to go....

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