Monday, January 8, 2007

BCS Title Game Tonight....Yay?

This whole thing just makes me feel really dirty

So tonight is the night I've been waiting for dreading for the past few weeks. It's the BCS Title Game between Ohio State and Florida. Hooray Michigan Fans! For some reason I just haven't been able to get up for this game. I'm guessing it's because neither outcome is really going to make me all that happy. In fact I was actually having a difficult time figuring out who I even wanted to win this debacle. I guess a tie is out of the question with overtime and all so I will have to throw my rooting interest over to Florida.

This was a lot harder before Michigan decided to not show up for the Rose Bowl. Florida wins this game and the BCS "got it right" and idiots like Gary Danielson will be able to say "I told you so." But in the end does anybody really want to have to deal with Buckeye fans after another national championship? Really? I honestly can't deal with the constant shit talking I would have to deal with for the next 10-15 years if they win another national title. Even if Michigan were to come back next year and win a title you still wouldn't be able to shut up the Buckeyes (at least the majority of them...there are a few sane Buckeye fans out there....I can probably count them on one hand)

So in a game where I have to pick a poison I will have to choose the Gators....even if that comes with Gary Danielson....

On second thought...can we just start next season right now? Please?

Ugh...Go Gators....

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Chadwick said...

It is definitely a catch-22 tonight.