Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apology to Jim Walden

What Jim Walden sees in his dreams every night

Since the national title beatdown that Florida put on Ohio State, I've seen a couple of comments saying that I owe an apology to Harris voter and noted idiot Jim Walden for my comments that I made here about him putting Florida number one in his final Harris Poll ballot (he was the only person in any poll to put Florida number one)

The problem is I'm not going to apologize. Walden is still an idiot and is also a liar. Just going by his own quotes he contradicts himself in his last poll (whether he was right or not). After Texas lost to Ohio State he said,
"You're never going to get me to vote for one team ahead of a team that's only lost to the best team in the country."
So basically Walden is a liar. I mean he had Ohio State number one in his poll every week (the unanimous vote totals from the week before should be a small clue) and yet voted Florida ahead of both Michigan (whose only loss at that point was to Walden's own "Best Team in the Country") and Ohio State (who he had number one up until that point).

His reasoning for putting Florida number one was their tough schedule. Well if that was the case then why wasn't Florida always number one in Walden's poll? In fact I'm willing to bet that before the SEC championship Florida was number FOUR in Walden's poll behind USC, and Michigan as they were in the majority of ballots. So if Walden was so convinced that Florida's schedule made them number one they why did he rank teams ahead of them before the last week of the season? It's not like they blew Arkansas off the field, and he didn't even cite that game as his evidence. He said this after when asked about his ballot,

“I’ll give you nine reasons why Florida is No. 1 - Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Southern Mississippi [and Arkansas]. Then you add Florida State to that, and 11 out of 13 weeks you had to play as good as you could play."

He also called the Big Ten "a joke." Again if he really believed the shit he was spewing then why wasn't Florida always number one in his poll? You know why? Because he's an idiot who manipulated his poll to make sure Michigan didn't make the BCS Championship game. Simple. He wanted Florida in the title game so he bumped them up to one to help make that possible and then gave a few quotes to put a reasoning behind it. Was he right? Sure, but that doesn't change the fact that he spouted off his mouth about why he did it and how he votes and THROUGH HIS OWN VOTES showed that he's an idiot who doesn't know what the hell he is doing. If you really believed all this shit Walden and were just "voting with your gut" then maybe you would have more credibility if you hadn't voted a completely different way ALL SEASON! I would totally give the man his just due if he actually had voted that way all season, but he didn't, so therefore he's nothing more then an idiot who manipulates a system he shouldn't be apart of. But congrats on "getting it right" one week when you were wrong for the rest of the season. *Clap* *Clap*

So no apology from me to Jim Walden. The guy is still an idiot who has no business voting in a poll that determines who plays in the National Championship game.

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