Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still Picking Up the Pieces

This is pretty much how I imagined it (Graphic by Jim Cooke)

I'm still a bit distraught over the passing of the shining light that was Barbaro. He was like a shooting star, one minute he was there and then eight LONG months later he was gone. Just so sad. He touched all of our lives like only a crippled horse who won one major race could, and by that I mean he really didn't touch it at all.

Since I'm going to observe a couple of days of silence to honor Barbaro (meaning I don't have much to write, at least until Friday when I will actually discuss the Super Bowl for the first time) I would like to direct you to this from the Mighty MJD, it's what Barbaro would have wanted....

I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps you should use some glue or something to honor Barbaro's passing in your own little way. Without his light shining on all of us the world just doesn't seem as great anymore...

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