Friday, January 12, 2007

Welcome Home Asshole

At least this time he's getting paid legally

Well it looks like, if you are to believe the report on Yahoo Sports, Chris Webber is finally coming home to come off the bench for the Detroit Pistons. Forgive me if I'm not really excited at the prospect of having to cheer for that douchebag again.

As I'm sure you're aware, throughout his time at Michigan Webber took money from a booster named Ed Martin. It didn't come out while he was in school, but eventually after a car accident involving a few players in the late 90's everything came out. Webber continually lied about taking money from Martin to the point where he was going to stand trial for lying to a Grand Jury...that is until Martin had a heart attack and died. The charges were then dropped since Martin was really the only eye-witness and Webber went on his merry way.

The NCAA wasn't so forgiving to Michigan though. All the records from Webber's time at Michigan have been erased. Final Four banners have been taken down, and the team was left in a hole so deep that they are still climbing out today. Chris Webber helped ruin Michigan basketball. Now I'm sure there are some who are saying, "But didn't he make Michigan basketball in the first place?" and to that I call you an idiot. Michigan basketball was a good program before Chris Webber showed up. They won the NCAA Title in 1989 behind Glenn Rice and a couple of Rumeal Robinson free throws. Then Webber showed up and took money and the whole thing came crashing down.

So now a broken down and somewhat gimpy Chris Webber is coming home to try and help the Pistons win a championship. Great...just fucking great. I'm sure that now you'll read a bunch of local stories about the Detroit kid coming home to redeem himself (in fact...Mitch Albom has already written one. Way to be on the ball Mitch! Can't wait to hear your Webber monologue on the Sports Reporters Sunday! I'm sure it will be somewhat folksy and not funny!) and perhaps there will be some who will call on the fans to give Webber a break. I will not be one of those fans.

I love college basketball. I may not love it as much as college football but I love the sport. Chris Webber has robbed me of watching a quality team at my school for the past 9 freaking years. He destroyed Michigan's program and the worst part is he never owned up to it. And now he's coming to the Pistons and probably expecting all to be forgiven for his glorious homecoming. Well this is one fan who's never going to forgive. I may give him a small clap if he helps bring Detroit an NBA title...but that's about it.

Chris Webber is a lying asshole who couldn't wait the two years to get out of college to make his money and in turn destroyed a program. Let me be the first to say this though...

Welcome home Chris....and fuck you.


Anonymous said...

Amen! This is the article Mitch Albom should have written. I plan to boo him as well.
Webber is not to be forgiven for what he did to Michigan basketball.

Becky said...

A-freaking-men. I hate Webber, and everything he did to Michigan while there.

I hope the Sonics or Lakers take him, I don't welcome him back at all.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC. I could not have said it better myself. I wonder if I can get a Webber jersey in the old teal colors? Now that would be something...

Chadwick said...

I could not believe the Detroit papers today talking about forgiving him for everything he has done. How can you forgive someone for ruining the University of Michigan’s basketball program? If this were the 1700 and 1800s, Matt Millen and Chris Webber would be run out of town by a posse.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Webber is scum. Let's not forget that this wasn't a small Troy Smith sized handout. He accepted over $250,000. He helped ruin Michigan's basketball program for the better part of a decade.

What irks me most is how back in the day, he pontificated non-stop about having a strong family steeped in solid core values like pride and hardwork. Fucking joker.

The only small measure of satisfaction I can find is that fact he's never accomplished anything as a pro. The over-hyped man-child has blossomed into the under-achieving overpaid washout. Ironic that he and Jalen were paid major dough to beat it by two of the worst teams in the league. How the mighty have fallen.

I hope Juwan plays for another ten years and gets a ring. He was class.

alex said...

You're going to blame a kid who was 17 years old when he committed to UofM? How many 17 year old kids who aren't from a rich family are going to turn the money down? What you should be blaming is the University, their athletic department, and the whole stupid system of college sports that's encouraged this kind of crap for decades. I, for one, would rather watch professional sports, where at least people are honest about their profit motives. I'd like to see Webber back, just for emotional reasons, and I trust Joe D to do the right thing for the team, the fans, and the city, unlike the U of M athletic department.

BAW said...

To that last comment I would say this. While the system isn't good at all (fully agree there) Webber knew the rules going in and broke them knowingly and in a large amount. Then, instead of owning up to it, he consistently lied about taking any money (and actually still does) Maybe if he owned up to it and asked for forgiveness a long time ago I may feel a little differently, but if he decides to come out and ask forgiveness now it will just show me that, as usual, all he's looking out or is himself.