Friday, March 9, 2007

Big Ten Tournament Live Blog: Michigan vs. Ohio State 1st Half

This picture does not inspire much confidence in Michigan's chances

12:36 PM - Okay so I've been watching the game but not by a computer. Michigan is currently playing their normal sloppy basketball but amazingly are only down 2 with 5 minutes to go in the half.

12:37 PM - Why is it that watching Michigan play offense just makes me cringe? Everyone else seems to be able to run offenses with crisp passing and nice picks, but the Wolverines seem completely out of sorts all the time on offense. Throwing the ball across the court like crazy. Turning the ball over all the time. Looks like they don't practice at all....26-22 Buckeyes

12:39 PM - Dion Harris nails a pretty 3 off a nice pick. Michigan's only down 1...I'm amazed right now.

12:40 PM - Lewis nails a three...Michigan back down 4. Pretty much expected that.

12:44 PM - Deshawn Sims hits a nice long jumper from the top of the circle, I totally didn't expect that to go in. 31-27 Bucks

12:46 PM - Harris misses a three (in and out) but the Wolverines fight and get the offensive board. They get it back to Harris and he drives and draws the foul from Oden. Nice to see Michigan hustle to the ball like that. Dion hits both and the lead's down to 3.

12:47 PM - They just showed a split screen of Amaker and Matta coaching showing their different styles. Matta actually coached while Amaker just stood there with his arms folded. Just shows how Amaker is terrible.

12:49 PM - So we head to halftime with Ohio State up 34-29. Erin Andrews just said Michigan is winning the rebounding battle by 14. And we're losing why? See you in the second half. Hopefully for a big upset!

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