Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Michigan Played Last Night? Really?

Nice to see Michigan fans are excited for the NIT

Apparently Michigan played last night in the NIT. Don't know if you could feel the excitement, but most Wolverine fans last night didn't come dressed in bags like the happy fellow above, they came dressed as empty seats. In front of the smallest crowd in 23 years, wait, let me say that again. In front of the smallest crowd in 23 YEARS, Michigan put on a heroic effort and beat Utah State to advance to the second round on the NIT. Let me be the first to say...

Um, great?

Apparently I'm not in the minority here when I say I could really care less about this year's NIT run. Are you kidding me with this crowd? The smallest in 23 years? You do realize that Michigan went 10-18 in 2001 and they still drew better then this. It actually makes me happy that the fans are pist off enough about not making the NCAA's that they aren't showing up for the NIT. Perhaps the sight of all those empty seats will make some of the power brokers see that a change is necessary.

Personally I can't say I watched much of this game. I flipped over as Michigan was blowing the lead (they were only up one in the later stages of the game) and figured they were going to blow it and the season would be over. Flipped back to see they actually played well down the stretch to get the victory. Hooray! Now it's on to Florida State Thursday....on ESPNU. If that doesn't tell you how "great" the NIT is I don't know what does. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!

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