Thursday, March 8, 2007

Michigan's NCAA Tournament Zombie Still Alive

Remember kids, a zombie isn't dead until you see it's head rolling on the ground

In a pretty ugly game (and for Michigan that's saying something) the Wolverines shot a blistering 28% from the field to take down Minnesota 49-40 to keep their slim NCAA tournament hopes alive. It was probably the worst shooting game overall I've seen in a long time but against a 9-22 team like Minnesota it was enough to take them down. Thank God Michigan knows how to shoot free throws well. That was the team's saving grace.

So Michigan's zombie, while riddled with bullets, is still slowly moving forward towards tomorrow's matchup with Ohio State, who is standing with the shotgun loaded to finish them off. Michigan has shown that they match up well with the Buckeyes, but after last Saturday's last minute collapse I'm not optimistic on the chances for the upset. Especially given the fact that they blew that game at home and this is on a neutral floor. IF (and that's a big if) they were able to pull off the upset against Ohio State then their NCAA chances would improve greatly and they would also have a favorable matchup in the Big Ten semi's against either Iowa or Indiana. Tomorrow is the make or break game for this season. Either step up and finally get a big win, or it's time to head back to Crisler to host some games in the NIT.

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