Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is NOT a Good Start

What is it this time Adrian?

I know it's March and that's usually the time to think about college basketball, but it's also a time to think about college football as spring practice starts to heat up. Unfortunately, things have not started well for the Wolverines.

As you can read about here, starting receiver Adrian Arrington, starting tight end Carson Butler, and reserve defensive end Eugene Germany are not participating in spring practice. Lloyd Carr explained the absence in the way you'd expect.

"They are not practicing, and they are not injured. I have issues that have to
be dealt with."

Well isn't that just nice. Are these players going to be back in the fall Lloyd?

"That is possible, maybe not probable."

Just great. This is EXACTLY the way to start spring practice for a team looking to win a National Championship. What these players "issues" are were not made public (as is usual with Michigan) but they better get this stuff fixed. Arrington is Michigan's number two option at receiver and Butler looks to be the main tight end this season.

This is actually starting to become a bit of a habit with Arrington. You may remember that Adrian got into a bit of trouble over a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend just before the Ohio State game. Most would think he learned his lesson from going through that situation and would decide to get his act together, apparently that's not the case. It would be a pretty big loss for Michigan to lose Arrington, since he has shown a lot of talent, but if he's going to keep acting like an idiot then I suppose it's for the best. Good news is that the Wolverines recruited some heavy receiver talent this year so hopefully one of the freshman would step up to fill the void.

Not a good start for spring practice though....

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