Sunday, December 3, 2006

Coaches Screw Michigan Again.....

Urge to kill rising.....

Well I was really hoping that my first post on my new blog was going to be a happy one, but apparently God and the stupid assholes who vote in the Coach’s and Harris polls have other ideas. It feels like 1997 all over again for Michigan fans…as you’ve probably read already through the human polls it looks like Florida will be taking on the Ohio State for the BCS National Championship on January 8th.

Well being a Michigan grad I’m a little biased but I love it how Michigan can drop in the polls having done nothing at all this week and are getting jumped by a Florida team that beat Arkansas with a GIMPY DARREN MCFADDEN by only 10 points. And save the “well they played 13 games” crap….maybe Michigan should schedule a 1-AA school next year and get 13 games because apparently that's a big deal...(Florida played 1-AA Western Carolina…congrats on playing that tough 13th game....jackasses)

What's great about this is that Urban Meyer is rewarded for all his whining and bitching in the media over the past month. I love how tonight he goes on Fox and apparently seems to be much more okay with the BCS system then he has been since he was on the other end of the screw job. He still paid some lip service to wanting a playoff, but backed off the copius amount of bitching that had become his trademark over the past few weeks. You stay classy Urban.

Michigan is being punished because they didn’t have two bye weeks in the schedule like Florida did. Michigan played twelve straight weeks and apparently that was wrong of them and they should have taken some time off so they could play games this weekend and not get freaking leap frogged. All this points out is the stupidity of voters. Last week Michigan was ranked behind USC, USC loses, and Michigan doesn’t do anything, and yet Michigan stays in the same spot. So what you’re saying, oh knowledgeable coaches and Harris “experts” (more on this later) is that you really didn’t know what the hell you were doing beyond #2 last week because you are contradicting your own freaking rankings. As Doug Flutie said on ABC this week, “It’s not like Michigan got worse” EXACTLY MORONS!!! Now we all know that coaches (or their assistants more accurately) shouldn’t be allowed to vote on this crap….but has anyone seriously looked at the Harris poll voter list?

So as you probably know the BCS formula has three components. The “Coach’s” poll, the Harris Poll and Skynet (the computers…first they pick our college football games, soon they come to kill us all…I WARNED YOU!!!) Now you probably already know the Coach’s are pretty much idiots when it comes to anything other then their own game plan, and some of the times don’t even know who they voted for (see: Tressel, Jim) so you can already tell the real validity of that poll. That brings us to the Harris Poll. It’s only been around for two seasons now and has is full of spooky mystery. Have you ever looked at who votes in this? I think we’d be better off with a fan poll….here are some of the people we’ve entrusted with 1/3 of the power to decide who gets to play for the College Football Championship…..

ANDY GEIGER?!? - This is the same guy who had to resign as Ohio State Athletic Director after the Basketball scandal and the Maurice Clarett payoff….and yet they give THIS GUY a vote in this thing?!?! I mean he was proven to be an inept leader of one of the (ahem) better athletic institutions in the entire NCAA and was on watch for two of the schools biggest scandals. Sounds like a person I want voting in a poll that decides who plays for the National Championship! Is there any debate on whether this system is broken? Still not convinced? Let’s look further…

Lou Holtz - While a wonderful commentator on ESPN (at least if he is intentionally trying to make me laugh….you are right Lou?), do you really trust this guy to vote on such an important matter? This is the guy who picked Arkansas and Notre Dame over USC. How knowledgeable on College Football is he really?

Gary DiNardo, John Mackovic - Two guys who weren’t good college coaches in the first place and were shit canned from their last jobs unceremoniously (DiNardo at Indiana, Mackovic at Arizona) but apparently we trust their judgement enough to vote on this. I’m sure some Arizona and Indiana fans may have some words on whether these guys are fit to do anything besides sit and watch football on TV….

Rocket Ismail - While I find it cute that a lot of the people on this list are former players, this one sticks out as my favorite. Why you ask? This is the guy who passed up on being the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft to go to the CFL. Go ahead and read that sentence again…..I’ll wait…..done? Do I really need to do anything else to question this guy’s general football intelligence? If I need advice as to who will win the Grey Cup I’ll come to you Rocket, otherwise, stay out of my football please….

Steve Largent - Another former player….currently the CEO of the biggest Cell Phone Lobby in Washington after leaving the US Congress. How much football do you think this guy actually watches on a given weekend? Seriously? One, two games?

TERRY BRADSHAW - Have you ever watched Fox on Sundays, listened to Terry Bradshaw ramble on about God knows what (usually the greatness of Brett Favre), barely get through reading through the highlights (why they let him do this I don't know) and thought to yourself, "This is definitely a person who knows his college football." Didn't think so. I wouldn't put this guy in charge of explaining football to special ed kids, let alone pick who goes to the BCS title game...

And that is just a small sample of the random assortment of people they put together for this poll. These are the people who are in charge of giving us our major college football championship each year. Just shows how screwed up the system is when a guy named Rocket and a batshit crazy Terry Bradshaw are in charge of picking who plays in the title game...ugh…..If you need me I’ll be over in the corner gouging my eyes out…..

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Marked Hoosier said...

If they want to play this "rank" thing, then no way can a team's only loss to the #1 team doom their season if they are #2.

It is bull crap.

Maybe if Michigan's coach bitched some about ranking...