Monday, December 4, 2006

Time to go Independent

The fat man is smiling for a reason....the BCS system is his bitch.

Having spent a good portion of the last evening sitting in anger over Michigan being the latest victim of the BCS machine (see also: 2004 USC, 2003 Auburn, 2001 Oregon) I really didn't know who to point my venom at. Should it be the Harris voters who manipulated their votes in order to make sure Michigan was left out (WALDEN!) or perhaps the University Presidents for apparently having a large distaste for money and not going to a playoff system (TV Contract for BCS? 320 million over 4 years.....TV contract for NCAA Basketball tourney? 6 BILLION over 11 the math....and football is more popular), but in the end no matter how angry I get it's really not going to change things, so instead I'm going to find a better solution....

Michigan should leave the Big 10 and become an Independent

I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but I think the fat man in front of the Golden Dome really has a lock down on how to work the system to its finest...hell he's gone to two BCS Bowls in two years without a single quality win....those are results people. Think about it. As an Independent Michigan could still schedule Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State every year, and then fill the rest of the schedule with service academies and the dregs of the rest of the BCS Conferences, thus making it highly likely that every season Michigan will have no more then two losses and go to a BCS game for a fat payday. I mean the system doesn't punish Notre Dame for its horrible schedule and lack of big wins over the past two fact it rewards it! Why not take advantage of the system instead of getting screwed by it?

If Michigan were an Independent you wouldn't have heard the whole "well they didn't win their conference" bs we've been hearing the past two days. Also voters wouldn't be able to discount Michigan entirely based on the conference as a whole. Take a look at a quote from the "genius" Jim Walton from the NY Times today...

“If you look at the Big Ten conference, it is a joke. I voted my heart and I voted my strength of what I believe in. In my opinion, Florida is the No. 1 team in the nation.”

See how he used the entire conference to bring Michigan down? How can we discount this guy's obviously great football knowledge? What did his Harris Poll look like you might ask? Here you go...
  1. Florida
  2. OSU
  3. Michigan
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Boise State
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Wake Forest
  8. Louisville
  9. USC
  10. Auburn
  11. LSU

I mean as you can plainly see by looking at HIS poll the Big Ten is obviously a joke. I mean they only have three teams in THE TOP SIX! What a pathetic place to play football. Obviously the SEC is much better with two teams in the top ten....MUCH BETTER CONFERENCE.

But I stray from my original point. The system is wacked, but instead of playing against it we should just do what we can to play it to our advantage. I mean what advantage is there to even being in a conference? You have to split TV money and bowl revenue AND the conference tells you who you have to play every year. Sounds like Communism to me. What's more American then being an Independent? You make your own schedule and play who you want, when you want, and don't have to share your hard earned money with the likes of Illinois and Indiana (although we'll gladly split that basketball revenue like ND does in the Big East). Make Michigan football an Independent and just get fat and rich off a bunch of idiots who (to steal a line from Mark Cuban) I wouldn't trust to run a Dairy Queen. It's Capitalism baby, and if you don't support Capitalism you hate America. You don't hate America do you? Then help me spread the word to all corners of Ann Arbor!


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