Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Weekend Rewind

Fuck Northwest...they are TERRIBLE!!!

So now that I'm back after the weekend back home in Michigan, I figure it's time to a quick recap of what went down over the long holiday weekend. First though a small diatribe about my journey home.

Fuck Northwest. I would recommend you avoid this airline at all cost. I do a good bit of traveling and I've NEVER sat in a plane with the door shut and ready to go for so damn long. Last night, for example, I got on the plane at 10:25 (for a flight that was already delayed for an hour mind you) and the door was shut at 10:35, which was on-time for our new departure time. Do you want to know what time we actually started to taxi to the runway? 11:25....that's right....50 minutes sitting in the plane. Why? Because they were still loading baggage. Um, what? Why is it that every other airline on the planet can run an efficient business but Northwest has their heads up their ass? On the way in I waited 30 minutes before we taxied.....brutal. I'm never flying this shitty airline again and I would advise anyone else to avoid it at all costs as well.

Sorry about going all "Peter King" on you by going through my travel exploits, but I really don't want anybody to fly Northwest. It's my new personal mission....

With that out of the way let's move to the weekend's happenings....


UCLA might have a future in this whole basketball thing....

#1 UCLA 92, Michigan 55

Don't know how many of you actually watched this, but it was actually worse then the score shows if that is even possible. Basically this game proved two things to me...UCLA is really good...and Michigan can't hold on to the basketball. Oh and they might be terrible. I can't accurately describe how awful this beating was. I think viewing this again would lead to tragedy not seen since Raiders of the Lost Ark...

"UCLA with ANOTHER steal..."


A HAPPY Lions fan? Matt Millen says, "Merry Fucking Christmas, Douchebag!"

Bears 26, Lions 21

Was anybody really surprised when Mike Williams dropped the winning touchdown in the end zone? It was pretty much the perfect storm for Lions fans. You come in all pist off because the team is shitty and plan on booing them till your voice is sore, but they put up a fight against the "Best Team in the NFC" so you start to cheer because they are "scrappy" and showing some life, and then...just when you get your hopes up.....BAM! Swift kick right to the nuts. That's right folks these are still the Lions! Not only did the game suck but there wasn't even a half wit fan protest to laugh at. Nobody did anything. Just sad all around, but at least the Lions have the inside track on the number one draft pick. Should make for a great offseason of "Matt Millen is on the clock...think he's going receiver?" jokes, and in a way I think we are all winners for that.

So that pretty much covers the two big weekend games. A great weekend to be a Detroit sports fan.....if only the Red Wings still played.....what? They do? Really?

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