Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Time to get Excited about Michigan Basketball! Anyone?

That's right....we OWN Delaware State...Scoreboard Bitches!

With college football being basically finished, the Lions making their usual push for the number one overall pick, and the NBA and NHL not even close to halfway through their regular season exhibitions before deciding a champion by giving it to the first team to win 16 games (ugh), it's time to turn an eye over to the college hardwood and what do I see....

Michigan's 10-1?!?!

Granted most of those wins come against schools with the name "Delaware State" and "Harvard" but they have all (for the most part) been convincing victories for the Maize and Blue instead of the random one point wins against the dregs of college basketball. I would love to muster some optimism for the Wolverines to make their first trip back to the Dance since I graduated from High School (and that is becoming an increasingly long time) I will wait to reserve judgment until at least the Big Ten schedule rolls around with a December 30th tilt at home against Illinois.

That being said though I definitely think Michigan can compete for third in what is increasingly looking like a two team Big Ten (sound familiar football fans?) with Ohio State and Wisconsin getting ready to bludgeon the rest of the Big Ten. Especially the Buckeyes with their 40 er...19 year old Freshman Center Gregg Oden.

Now I reserve the ability to change my cautious optimism to maniacal uber-excitement if Michigan were able to give me an early Christmas present and somehow take out #1 UCLA...on the road....on December 23rd. I'm not holding out hope but I think karma may be coming back to get UCLA after they beat USC in football....and how can you deprive this lovely child at Christmas? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT UCLA?!?!


All this kid wants for Xmas is for Michigan to beat UCLA....and a new hat....

I don't know how you can tell this kid Santa Claus doesn't exist and Michigan can't beat UCLA. If you want to do that and take away the last bit of innocence left in his poor life then so be it UCLA. Soon he'll be playing Grand Theft Auto and shooting up the cops...and it will all be your fault you selfish Bruins! Do the kid a favor....let Michigan get one over on you guys on the 23rd....you can still lose late in the tournament like you always do! We just ask for one little thing! DO IT FOR THE KID! The Wolverines and our little fans await your response...

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